We wholeheartedly believe that working safely is a condition of employment. This message is delivered from the first day on the job to the last. We designed a safety management system that has a foundation in continuous improvement, accountability, and responsibility.

Core safety is the pulse of our safety management system. It was developed to integrate safety, training, inspection and continual improvement into a tangible system. To maintain any program, it must first be manageable.

To guarantee the success of every project, Safety, Production and Quality carry equal importance. We utilize multiple systems to ensure that each area is quantified.

It is our belief that all incidents are derived from a systematic failure. Thus all incidents and significant near misses must be adequately evaluated, discussed, and shared throughout the organization to prevent recurrence. We are proficient with a number of investigation techniques, including but not limited to TapRoot, Cause & Effect, Fishbone, 5 why’s, and Cause mapping.

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